Rank in the Straw Hat Pirates can be summed up here.
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King of Pirates - "Bastard Green Hair"
The title of the captain and king of the Straw Hat Pirates. His rule should be wise and his word just law. But you have Junky.

Pirate Queen - after Junky left for school...
Current guild master.

Captain - First mates
When the king leaves to hibernate and store up extra fat for longer winters at sea, his rule is placed in the Captains' hands. All the king's duties are then shoveled into their faces.

Sea Knight - Gears to the ship
The personal guards selected by The King Of Pirates. They are in charge of the king's mental health. Krispy Kream is in charge of his physical health. The Sea Knights maintain the vessel that we pirates live in. They are the law and the King of Pirates' council. This isn’t a rank you achieve. It’s a curse given by the Pirate King to people who are level headed and willing to help the guild.

Parlayer - Recruitment & PR
The Parlayer uses his or her contacts outside the guild to promote relations with players outside the guild, whether for recruitment or alliances.

Swashbuckler - Long-term pirates
Pirates who have been on the ship at least four years.  We think they've forgotten what land looks like.

Navigator – Veteran pirates
These pirates have sailed aboard our vessel for an extremely long time. The only possible explanation for this bewildering behavior is that they've all forgotten how to swim, and therefore cannot make it ashore.

Buccaneer - A rank for those who PvP like Zorro.
To get this rank you must have two other guildmates nominate you. They must give adequate reasons as to why you deserve the title. The nominations may not receive any objections from anyone else in the guild.

Crewmate - Our men and women at arms.
The unruly band of misfits that proudly (or obliviously?) wear the SHP tabard. These are the lifeblood of the guild.

Scurvy Dog - Crewmate Alts.
The long list of Crewmates made Temuchin's eyes bleed, so we created a rank just to keep the roster pretty. (We just couldn't stand the whining anymore!)

Toons on the chopping block for roster cleanup, or safely out of bank access while in account recovery mode.