Straw Hat Pirates seeks to be a close-knit, casual guild dedicated to providing our members with a fun atmosphere. We do not demand much, if anything at all, from our members, because we understand that it's your subscription and you're not obliged to do anything by someone else's orders. We want the guild to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, so we encourage all our members to speak up if they believe there are areas to be improved in.


There are a few simple guidelines our members must follow.

1) We expect everyone to be respectful while engaging in guild chat or interacting with other players outside the guild. While we tolerate (and sometimes even encourage) obscenities and foul language, obvious intents to maliciously harm anyone will warrant disciplinary action. Language that receives zero tolerance in guild chat includes derogatory remarks on the basis of race/ethnicity, religion, or sexual preference, regardless of intent.

2) We expect fair play from all our members, whether it's trading or grouping with guildmates or those outside the guild. Poor sportsmanship or attitudes will subject a member to disciplinary action. Intentional ninja looting, farming gold for sale, using cheats and hacks, and begging for money or items are absolutely forbidden; if confirmed of guilt, a member is dealt an immediate removal from the guild.

3) We expect our members to be committed to the guild. The officers' goal has always been to create a family style environment, so our members should be dedicated to what the guild seeks. This includes participation in guild activities and contributing to the guild's objectives, whatever they may be at any moment. This does not mean we want everyone to fall in line and follow orders without asking questions or partake in every planned activity; we want to make it fun for you, not the other way around.

If you have questions, please contact an officer.

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